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Is your roof in good shape, but you’re beginning to notice moss? Or maybe it’s time to clean the gutters. Even though we complete entire restorations to make your roof look like new, Current Remodeling, Inc. offers roofing maintenance solutions to keep your roof looking like new.

Over time, moss can destroy shingle granules which can lead to a roof leak and can even contribute to problems with the roof structure. Once you see the moss taking hold, call Current Remodeling, Inc. at (360) 869-9910 for your FREE Roofing Estimate. We use industry standard materials to kill moss and algae and and then gently remove it by sweeping your roof.

In addition to moss removal, Current Remodeling, Inc. can also clean your gutters as part of their roofing maintenance plan. Gutters clogged with leaves or small branches can cause rainwater to pool, causing stress on the gutter. Rainwater can overflow as well, causing a deluge of water on the landscaping or decking below.

To prevent moss from growing, scheduling regular treatments will extend the life of your roof.

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Current Remodeling, Inc. can also perform minor roof repairs such as caulking or fixing a shingle, improve attic ventilation, skylight replacement, and roofing repair damage caused by animals.

Annual roof maintenance checkups can keep your roof looking sharp and prevent deterioration. These checkups are recommended during the spring months after the wetter weather has had a chance to move on. Gutter cleaning is best performed during the fall, after all the leaves have fallen from nearby trees.

Does your roof need a little TLC? Call Current Remodeling, Inc. for a FREE Roof Estimate at (360) 869-9910. Our Repair Manager has over 25 years of experience and is ready to assist you with any roof maintenance needs.

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