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Taking care of small roofing repair imperfections in your roof now can prevent much larger problems in the future. Roofing repairs are opportunities to look for alternatives to complete teardowns and roof replacements, especially if a few new shingles can do the job. A simple roofing repair now can not only keep bigger issues at bay, but can also increases the value of your home and increases the life of your roof.

In Washington, no prior experience is needed to get a contractor license, bonded and insured. That’s why when you look for roofing repair in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR, it’s important to choose someone with experience that is trustworthy and provides quality work. Current Remodeling, Inc. is a family owned business that has served Vancouver, WA, and its surrounding areas for more than 25 years.

Current Remodeling, Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured in Portland, OR, and follows all procedures required by the state. All of our contractors have the required CCB licenses and continue with education to make sure we are using the most updated methods and roofing materials. Current Remodeling, Inc. is a family owned business that has served Portland, OR, and its surrounding areas for more than 25 years.

Current Remodeling, Inc. consists of only qualified roofers that are continually trained on the latest technologies and materials. As a company, we constantly improve our business practices to better serve our customers.

Signs of roof damage

Major roof damage is usually the byproduct of smaller problems that aren’t addressed in a timely fashion. Cracked or buckled shingles, punctured flashings, or wind damage may seem insignificant in the present. But, after time, if leaks are allowed to form, these little issues can be devastating and require roofing repairs.

An image of a damaged ceiling affected by a roof leak in need of roofing repairs
If leaks are allowed to form, the issues can be devastating.

Water dripping into the interior of your home or discoloration of interior walls or ceilings are signs that small damage has grown into something much larger. Our roofing specialists can provide solutions to your roof at the time of the visit.

There are several types of services available to you depending on the materials of your roof and the amount of damage. Replacing damaged roofing shingles, tending to rusted or exposed nails, fixing damaged flashing, and even addressing granule loss are a few roofing maintenance issues.

And while fixing the issues may be a hit to your budget, catching these issues early can prevent costlier repairs in the future. You may want to check your insurance to see if you are covered for these roofing repairs or ask us about our financing options.

Current Remodeling, Inc. has been addressing these types of problems for 25 years and we have the solutions to any problems your roof might be facing. Call us today at (360) 869-9910 to keep that small dilemma from turning into a bigger headache down the road.

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