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With more than 35 years of experience, Current Remodeling Inc. has the answers to all your roofing questions. Whether you need a roof installation, roof repair, or help with roofing maintenance and cleaning, Current Remodeling Inc. has you, well, covered.

A family-owned business, Current Remodeling Inc. uses only high-quality roofing materials and superior craftsmanship to make sure your roofing job is done right. Current Remodeling Inc. has a wide variety of shingles and colors, so not only will your new roof stand the test of time, it will also have the look and style you want.

No roofing job is too small or too large for Current Remodeling Inc. With that said, all of our work will be done in a timely and efficient manner and within the agreed upon budget.

But, don’t take our word for it. Most of our business is earned through referrals from past customers and we are more than happy to share referrals with you. A satisfied customer is the best sales person we have!

Current Remodeling Inc. is licensed, bonded, and insured in Washington (#CURRERI920LF) and Oregon (CCB#206394), so you can trust us to do the roofing job right.

So if your roof is missing a few shingles, the shingles you do have are looking past their prime, or you just need help with the servicing of your roof, contact Current Remodeling Inc. today!

New Roof

roofers installing new roof on house

With more than 35 years of experience, Current Remodeling Inc. has the answers to all your roofing questions. Whether you need a roof installation, repair, or help with maintenance and cleaning, Current Remodeling Inc. has you, well, covered.

Roof Repair

Taking care of small imperfections in your roof now can prevent larger problems in the future. Roof repairs are opportunities to look for alternatives to complete teardowns and replacements, especially if a few new shingles can do the job.

Roof Maintenance

roofing maintenance

Is your roof in good shape, but you’re beginning to notice moss? Or maybe it’s time to clean the gutters. Even though we complete entire roofing restorations, we do offer roofing maintenance to keep your roof and gutters looking like new.

Roofing Solutions

No matter the problems facing your roof – from simple maintenance needs to full-blown roof replacement – Current Remodeling Inc. has the roofing solution. Guaranteeing the highest standards in quality, Current Remodeling Inc. will support your budget and project from beginning to end. Do you need financing? Current Remodeling Inc. offers financing (OAC).

For a roof system replacement, every aspect of the roofing needs to be addressed. This can include roof shingles, underlayment, sheathing, flashing, gutters, and even some siding. All of these materials work with one another to make sure your home stays dry in even the harshest of weather.

Not all roofing repairs need a full replacement. Current Remodeling Inc. will identify the specific problem areas on your roof and make the necessary roofing repairs. This could mean replacing a few shingles or improve sealants around chimney or skylight flashing.

To keep your roof in top condition, it’s important to perform annual roofing maintenance. This includes keeping the roof clear of debris, looking for potentially problematic areas (such as shingle buckling or loosening), and cleaning the gutters.

There are times when roof problems can affect the siding of your home, causing rot not only in the walls of the home, but the siding as well. In the course of any roofing repair, Current Remodeling Inc. can also repair/replace any damaged siding if needed. The finished product will blend seamlessly into the existing siding.

During heavy storms, fallen tree branches or wind can cause damage not only to your roof but fencing as well. Although Current Remodeling Inc. is not a fencing company, our crews have the ability to repair fences while tending to your roof. If a fallen tree has caused damage to your roof and any nearby fencing, make sure to let us know.

In the damp environment of the Pacific Northwest, moss is big problem. Over time, moss can destroy shingle granules which can lead to a roof leak and can even contribute to problems with the roof structure. Current Remodeling Inc. uses industry roofing maintenance standard materials to kill moss and then safely remove it.

While pressure washing is a great way to keep a roof clean, roofing maintenance must be done in a such a way as to not damage the shingles, flashing or other roofing materials. Current Remodeling Inc. uses only safest methods in pressure washing to ensure shingle granules remain undisturbed as well as preventing injuries to the crew.

What are the signs your roof is in need of repair?

How will you know if you need our services? There are a few obvious signs of roof distress, such as blown of shingles or missing roofing materials are visible.

Additionally, when moss or algae are visible on the roof, maintenance or cleaning is a clear solution. There are even signs on the inside of the house: are you noticing discoloration on your ceiling? Or even water dripping from above? That could be a sign of a roof leak.

What if your roof is “blistering”? This can be a sign of moisture trapped under or in the roofing material. Another issue is buckling, which occurs if a wrinkle is affecting shingles or underlayment.

Still unsure if your roof needs help? Or perhaps you’re in need of a complete roof replacement or installation. Current Remodeling Inc. has solutions to all of your roofing questions and can help you spot these issues when you schedule a Free Roof Estimate at (360) 608-9560.

Current Remodeling Your Roofing Contractor for Vancouver WA – Portland OR

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