5 Winter Roof Maintenance Tips for Your Vancouver/Portland Home


Maintaining your roof in the winter is key to increasing your roof’s longevity. Here are 5 winter roof maintenance tips you need to know for your Vancouver/Portland home.

Winter roof maintenance is essential if you want your home to retain its value. While Vancouver isn’t among the coldest cities in the US, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to drop to 20 degrees and normally hover around freezing during the winter months and last year we had significant snowfall that did impact multiple roofs in our area.

For that reason, you must take proper precautions when maintaining your roof during the winter. Follow these winter roof maintenance tips to avoid paying extra money for repairs once the spring comes.

Stay On Top of Snow Accumulation

While snowy roofs are a staple of the holiday season, they can also lead to excess accumulation if you don’t stay on top of it. You probably don’t need to roof rake after small snow storms, but make sure to get out there after big ones.

Too much snow on your roof can lead to leaks, and if you’re not careful, a whole section could collapse. The melting and refreezing of snow can also lead to ice dams.

Use a roof rake to clear the snow, as your traditional grass rake and other tools could cause more damage to your roof.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Before the winter hits, make sure your gutters are clean and ready for the cold weather.

Gutters that are full of leaves and debris can lead to ice dams, which have the potential to cost you thousands of dollars in damages. If you see that your roof is leaking during the winter, ice dams are the most likely culprit.

Make sure your gutters are clean before the snow comes to prevent costly repairs.

Insulate Your Attic

If your attic is properly insulated, there’s less of a chance of massive heaps of snow and ice building up. Roof raking can be quite a chore, but roof installation might prevent you from ever having to spend time on this chore.

Repair and Maintenence

Inspect your roof to make sure it won’t need any repairs for the coming winter. It’s best to make these repairs before the winter hits, but if your roof is dry, you can handle the repairs anytime by hiring a reputable company.

Tackle these issues as soon as you can, though, because damaged shingles and chimneys can lead to leaks and more costly damage.

Inspect After a Storm

Significant winter storms are often accompanied by strong winds — even if it didn’t snow that much. After the storm passes, go outside and take a look at your roof.

If any shingles came loose, or if any tree branches fell off and did damage, you need to fix them before the next storm hits. Make sure the conditions are stable because you don’t want to get on top of an icy roof.

Avoid Roof Damage by incorporating Winter Roof Maintenance

While they might not seem as treacherous as some of the other locations in the country, Vancouver winters can take a toll on homes. You must complete proper roof maintenance if you want to prevent damage that will cost you thousands of dollars.

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